The story of Ristorante 900

Restaurant 900 of Matera was founded by the two chefs, Ferdinand and Maricla, companions both in the kitchen and in life, both natives of the beautiful town of Lucania and deeply bound to the culture and tradition of Basilicata. The restaurant is set in 2014, just a few steps from the famous Sassi of Matera, one of the most popular destinations for Italian tourists and not only, as well as a symbol of Southern Italy, in an area deeply connected to its roots, culinary and otherwise.

The goal of Ferdinand and Maricla, after several years spent in the kitchens of important Italian restaurants and hotels, is to revive these roots, turning them into dishes featuring authentic and genuine flavor. The  typical restaurant of Matera reflects, in fact, the local, typical cultural background of Basilicata, starting from its architecture: from in fired brick floors, the wooden decorations, to the tufa-stone walls, everything reminds one of the local rural tradition and the inviting smells coming from the kitchen give a homely touch and warm the room, simple, but elegant and refined at the same time.

The menu of the Restaurant 900 of Matera is a perfect expression of the culinary tradition of the city of Matera and Basilicata, with meat, fish and vegetables, with a modern twist, with a clever combination of colors, flavors and smells unique. The starters include sausages and locally sourced cheeses, accompanied by tasty bread of Matera, protagonist of the first courses, which include the linguine bread and oil, a colorful tribute to the peasant culture, simple and true. While the second courses are for the most part meat based: capocollo braised ossobuco, roasted lamb and local donkey meat, but you can also opt for the vegan menu, devoid of animal foods and condiments such as butter, eggs and cheese, which revolves around the polenta with fresh tomato and also includes falafel chickpea with vegan mayo sauce, a dish which is inspired by a unique blend of tradition and originality. To end the meal in the  typical restaurant of Matera, here is the delicious desserts prepared by the chef Maricla, who in his resume includes high-level cake design courses: the typical Matera dessert, a personal tribute to the hometown, a bio chocolate mousse made with hazelnut milk, the lemon mille-feuille cake, not to mention the pistachio parfait of San Mauro Forte. True hospitality and courtesy are always insured: at the  typical restaurant of Matera, the customer is always greeted with a smile by qualified staff, who will recommend the dishes of the day and accompany him on a gastronomic journey somewhere between present and past.


The Restaurant 900 of Matera, built in 2014 in a small hamlet near the famous Sassi, offering a menu that combines revived tradition and innovation, with meat dishes, fish and locally sourced vegetables. The  typical restaurant of Matera is the perfect place to taste the local dishes, drawn from popular culture and the peasants of Basilicata, simple and nutritious, and at the same time rich in taste. To organize lunches or dinners, or refreshments after a visit to the natural attractions of the area, or for birthday, anniversary or graduation celebrations, the room is the perfect choice, with its rustic yet refined atmosphere, its unique smells and its tastes.

Ferdinand and Maricla, are the two real artists of the kitchen, who are natives of Matera and with a rich curriculum of professional and personal experiences, as well as having an innate passion for the culinary arts and deep-seated roots with their land which they celebrate day after day with their dishes: maltagliati, paccheri, linguine oil and bread, meats and cheeses of local origin, Matera bread, meat sauce, high-grade meats, to the dessert in honour of Matera, created by the Maricla and dedicated to the city, a tribute that brings with it all the affection and respect for tradition.

The menu also contains a selection of vegan dishes, such as polenta with eggplant mousse, maltagliati with fresh tomato flavored with lemon, bread waffle with whipped potatoes with candied red onion, and finally the exquisite organic, chocolate nut mousse, to round off the meal and sweeten the palate after a series of such strong and unique flavors.

You can book a table and enjoy either an a la carte menu, sampling or vegan menu: the staff is always ready to meet any need with courtesy and with the aim to give its guests the warmest of welcomes, recommending the both the daily specials and delicious novelty dishes.